Company Profile

Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shenzhen TengTa is a professional drug development and drug sales of pharmaceutical companies nationwide, the company is located in the forefront of reform and opening up, the beautiful coastal city adjacent to Hong Kong - Shenzhen, close to the beautiful Beacon Hill and the Shenzhen Stadium, Shenzhen convenient transportation, beautiful environment, over the years to rely on other people's unity Teng, effort, and gradually the business to grow as a professional R & D, sales of the modern enterprise. Has a young, high-quality, good learning professional sales team. Tang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shenzhen in the future he will be expected to become the leading prescription drug sales company

Marketing: The company's market-oriented segments in the country established a strong sales network, thus forming a pharmaceutical sales company in the field of core competencies, has been in the industry to establish high visibility and good reputation.

Features: The company after years of market exploration, and gradually form a market-oriented to the development of marketable products, business philosophy, operated by the high-tech products, mostly high-end products, the company adhere to the fine line, "Excellence Pharmaceutical, technology innovation and development "business philosophy can be exciting interpretation.

Brand Building: The company operating in good faith, based on creating value for customers, has won a good reputation in the industry, we will continue efforts to create a corporate integrity, high-end brand image.

R & D strategy: the company will increase in future efforts to develop new products through domestic and international research institutions and professional institutions to join hands together to create a more independent intellectual property rights in the international technology leader in products to enable enterprises Driving force for sustained development.

Vision: In the next five years, the company will become the leading prescription drug sales company, to the backing of drug development to market coverage for the two wings, with annual sales will reach 3 billion yuan, to make the prescription drug market in the industry Leader.

Business philosophy: integrity, value, growth, teamwork, professional and focused.

Operating principles: excellence pharmaceutical, technology innovation and development.